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Chocolate Bars



For the chocolate connoisseur…
Our Single Origin bars reflect the richness and diversity of cocoa and its flavour profile. As it is with wine, the soil, climate and varietal have an influence on the flavour profile. Each bean comes from a distinctive cocoa growing region and the bar reflects the nuances of that region.
70% cocoa dark chocolate with only two ingredients: cocoa beans and cane sugar.

african collection


Most of the world’s cocoa beans come from Africa, however little chocolate is made on the continent and even less is made by Africans in African owned factories. DV Artisan Chocolate is a “Bean to Bar” chocolate maker located in the Cape Winelands of South Africa. We purchase high quality UTZ certified cocoa beans from the Bundibugyo district of Uganda for this chocolate range, making it authentically African. By buying UTZ certified cocoa, DV Artisan Chocolate supports sustainable cocoa farming. UTZ certified farmers implement better farming practices with respect for people and planet.
The wrapper artwork is taken from paintings done by African artist Marien Freddy Nsompy.



For the sweet chocolate lover…
This range focuses on unique combinations of high quality ingredients (e.g. no vegetable fats) and the inclusion of confections like biscotti and caramel, made in our own chocolate kitchen. All of these bars are made with UTZ certified Ugandan cocoa beans. By buying UTZ certified cocoa, DV Artisan Chocolate supports sustainable cocoa farming. UTZ certified farmers implement better farming practices with respect for people and planet.




Our interest in coffee started with our Espresso dark chocolate bar which combines single origin Ugandan cocoa beans with single origin coffee beans from the same country. In order to remain true to our artisanal values, we wanted to roast the coffee ourselves. After weeks of struggling and many failed roasts we finally succeeded. With this initial challenge behind us, and having discovered the wonders of coffee and its complex flavour profile, (very similar to that of the cocoa bean and chocolate), we started our coffee journey. We now offer a selection of speciality coffees, all freshly roasted to our own unique profile, to bring out what we believe to be the best in each ones character.




Our talented team of pastry chefs is responsible for creating our ever expanding range of confections, including nougat, fudge, coated nuts and fruits and traditional butter caramels. The emphasis is always on using the best quality ingredients and working in small batches to ensure hands-on attention to detail at every step. This includes roasting our own nuts to develop optimal flavours and incorporating our own coffee, roasted on site at DV Cafe.



With DV’s finest chocolate as the star ingredient, our Chocolate Kitchen crafts an exquisite collection of truffles, moulded chocolates and enrobed ganaches, as well as chocolate pizzas and an unforgettable chocolate salami.

Due to the short shelf life and fragile nature of the truffle selection, these are not available online.



This is the real deal! Our drinking chocolate is intended to create a rich and intense chocolate drink. Whether you prefer a mug full or an intense espresso-size Chocolate Shot, the way we serve it at DV Cafe, the intensity is up to you and depends on how much chocolate you add. Choose between Original (plain, unflavoured dark chocolate) or Spiced (includes a symphony of flavours like orange, lime, ginger, cinnamon and chilli). For best results, add chocolate shavings to steaming milk (or water), stir until melted and then emulsify using a handheld blender or whisk.



Your healthy, on-the-go chocolate snack.

A combination of thin dark chocolate pieces with inclusions such as salted caramel, almond, toasted coconut and corn chip. The chocolate has a cocoa content of 55% and is made with UTZ certified Ugandan cocoa beans. Seriously addictive!